Sunday, 26 June 2011

Everyday, totally wearable Leopard Print Eyes!

...Okay, so I may have been pulling ya leg saying this look was everyday/wearable... it'd be SUPER DRAMATIC for most of the world population....for me however, Im lucky enough to work somewhere that this is not only considered coooool, but keeps our customers smiling.

This was my first youtube tutorial (I did the foundation routine one, and although it was only 4 videos ago...I cringe everytime I watch it haha) and I think it went pretty well. Think Im beginning to get this lighting thing down! Yay!

Go check out the vid on my youtube page (its currently uploading now) and let me know what you thought of it. I didn't mention in the vid but below is a list of other makeup I was wearing....

- Revlon colourstay 180 sand beige
- Maybelline fit me concealer
-BYS bronzer (as blush)
-ELFs contouring blush and bronzing powder (the pink side)
-Maybelline wey shine gloss in champagne glow with the yellow gold colour from thr ELF natural pallete dabbed over the top for extra pop

Im pretty sure I mentioned all other makeup used in the video :)

Hope you like!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

It's official...

Hello my lovelies,

So Ive been thinking about this for some time now... pondering over whether or not I am going crazy and seeing things or now...and after uploading four vids to youtube, and watching myself quite closely (Nothing feel weirder in this world might I add) I have come to the conclusion that yes, I do have VERY un-even, out of shape, crazy brows.

And I dislike it muchly.

The problem here is that other than the crazy stray ones above my lid and inbetween, like...across the top of the nose area ( I really cant think of how else to describe it right now!), I really don't go overboard and 're-shape' the original my friends, here lies the problem... I either need to get super awesome at growing hair, and let one side catch up to the other...ooor I need to get suddenly fantastic at shaping BOTH of them.

Im feeling unconfident about both options.

I know I should just let them go tribal for a few weeks and get SOMEONE ELSE (aka professional) to sort them out...truth is that Ive never had that done before. the thought of someone coming at my face with hot wax or a bit of cotton (threading for those who are thinking what the f....) doesn't exactly make me want to giggle with pleasure.

Hmm... I think I'll sleep on it.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

more makeup mayhem

Today, before my mad rush out the door I managed to film a short intro vid, basically just a little 'Hello' to youtube.

It was so unplanned....and I had to get to work.... so it probably wasn't how I wanted it to be, but such is life.

Heres what I had on, makeup wise, today:

Went with the purples today, all out of my 88 matte pallette by coastal scents... best.thing.ever.

Trying to edit and upload intro vid tonight :)


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Get ready with me!

These youtube vids are becoming quite an obsession! Its all I think about at I need to change what Im doing now to make better vids.... haha crazy huh

So I had limited time tonight, and I wasnt sure how filming would go with no natural I just filmed a get ready with me vid... didnt turn out too bad! Uploading right now...buuut it's going to take more than 2hrs :/ Maybe Im doing something wrong? Its an 11min vid...does that sound right?

In the meantime, Im off to make dinner....I didnt eat last night because I was so busy editing and doing youtube stuff...haha OBSESSED!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

My foundation routine

Hey guys,

Today I filmed my first makeup youtube vid! - I decided to do a 'My foundation routine' vid first so that it gets it out of the way and so my viewers will know what Ive done before each tutorial that I'll be doing in the future.

I also decided to do an Outfit of the Day (OOTD) vid, because I just loooove watching those!

Hope both went okay... Still learning about lighting and how to film etc, but it went good for a first time :)

Heres what I used in my foundation routine vid:

Natio Illuminating primer
ELF all over cover stick in apricot beige
Revlon colourstay liquid foundation in 180 sand beige (applied with ELF powder brush)
Peachy coloured concealer from a coastal scents pallette
Maybelline Fit me concealer in 10 light
Loose powder from MAC in NC15 (applied with ELF kabuki brush)
Masqurade blush (used as bronzer) in BS1
Revlon colourstay Mineral finishing powder in 010 brighten (with a small foundation brush)
ELF contouring blush and bronzing powder compact mixed with the peach colour from BYS blush quad - blush combo 1 and applied with my ELF complexion brush
ELF's eyebrow kit

If you were interested, I just used a shimmery champagne colour under my brow and on my lid, then a dark brown in the crease. lots of loreal black eyeliner, ELF dramatic lashes, Loreal liquid liner, and NYX lipgloss in La La.

Foundation Routine link:
OOTD link:

xo Larissa

First impressions last...'s finally here. The day that I've been waiting for, for SO long.

Yesterday was my birthday and I recieved a special little something from my parents - my very new, very amazing, Samsung HMX-H200 video camera! Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?! Full HD, really crisp clarity, easy to use..... bliss!

It's something that I've wanted for a very long time - Ive been watching youtube makeup gurus for years now, and I can FINALLY take part and create my own videos.

You'd think that I'd have a million video ideas thought up already, but now that the day is here....I'm actually a bit lost as to where to I supposed to do a tag first, so that people can get to know me? I dont know... but tomorrow when I wake up I'll be recording my very first youtube makeup video. EXCITED!

I'll be using this blog to post products used in my vids and also as a place for useless rambles and all things makeup/youtube... I hope you'll join me on this exciting journey. I cant wait to be able to look back in a years time and CRINGE and my first video haha.

Heres the link to my channel: