Tuesday, 23 August 2011

So confused....

Hey Lovlies,

So theres been a few vids up on my youtube account lately...and I totally forgot to blog about them haha - oopsies.

Being 11.30pm I won't be doing that right now... you'll just have to go check my channel and catch up on all the awesomeness that is my vids (hahahah....aaaahhahaha....). I am only here to have a big old rant about this whole blogging thing.

I like it, could do it more, prob should....but it IRRITATES the crap outta me that I cant comment on anything. It just WONT let me. Keeps telling me I dont have access to that page (when I hit submit) and wants to to sign out and sign in again but IT DOESNT WORK.
Does anyone else have this issue?? Does anyone know what I can do to make it work? Id love to interact more, and follow more blogs...but Im just so upset at this commenting business that I just dont.

Anyways, that was all.... oh and Im also thinking about doing a vlog channel... I think I love makeup...but I love just rambling even more. so I can have both :) I also found the coolest thing ever - "Wreck this journal" and "this is not a book"....which Id love to buy and do and document on youtube... we shall see....

Tired.cant type.
Im out.


Monday, 15 August 2011

My Fav Makeup Brushes

Hey Lovlies,

So I had a request to explain a bit about the makeup brushes I used in the Candyfloss tutorial that I recently posted...sooo I decided I'd do a most used makeup brushes blog post, so that ya'll will know which ones I'm using in future vids.

Before I get started, I'd just like to make note that decent brushes here in NZ are sooo damn expensive, and while I'd LOVE to own a whole set of MAC or Sigma brushes, I really just dont have the momey for them...so these brushes that youll see below arent high end brushes, some are really old and look terrible, but they do the job, none of these shed hairs, and all of the achieve the looks I do daily for work and for my youtube vids.

Okay so first things first....Face Brushes:

Going from left to right...

1.  ELF's Powder Brush:
I use this for my liquid foundation everyday. Creates an awesome airbrushed look to your foundation. Cost me $10 from Bling. MUCH easier and better than a normal foundation brush/sponge etc and its a very dense brush.

2.Artiste Professional Foundation brush my Manicare:
This is your tradational foundation brush, but I use mine for contouring my nose, and cheekbones. I think I paid about $15 for it, at Farmers.

3. ELF's Complexion Brush:
another $10 brush from Bling, I use this for my bronzer. Its suuuuper soft and you can manipulate the bristles easily to create the shape you need (Eg I squish them to make a flat brush to contour cheekbones sometimes) This has not shed at all.

4. ELF's Stipple Brush:
I dont use this quite as often as the other face brushes, but it works great for blush or highlighting the cheekbones, down the nose etc. You can use this for foundation also, but I prefer not to.

5 & 6. Are brushes that I was given YEARS ago by my first Boyfriend's father. They are the No.7 Brand and I use these for blush. I like to have quite a bit of control with my blush, so I do prefer the smaller brush, which has lost alot of hair over the years and looks a bit yuckie...but it works and I love it.

***I also forgot to add my ELF Kabuki brush to this photo, but I use this EVERYDAY for my powder (to set my foundation) and I use it to blend everything together, like after I apply blush.***

Now onto eye brushes...

1. Revlon All Over Shadow Brush:
I use this to pack on shadow on my lid, under my brow, basically all over. its a bit fluffier than another brush that I used to use, which means you do get a little bit of fall out, but as long as your careful and you pat, rather than swipe, youll be sweet as! I got this at a makeup sae for $9 but theyre usually more expensive in retail stores.

2. Revlon Contour Shadow Brush
My fav eye brush - I use this to blend it all together. super soft, its more rounded, dome-like, than the prev brush and it just blends colours really well. Again this was $9

3 & 4 ELF's Professional Eye Crease Brush and ELF's Studio Contour Brush:
Both of these work the same way, the Studio brush is bigger than the Professional one, but both are used to work colour into the crease. quite dense brushes. The Professional one was $7 and the Studio brush was $10

5.Revlon Concealer Brush:
Yep, its a concealer brush....I dont use brushes for my concealer, but this brush works great at an under eye brush, to put colour along the lash line. At one point I was using this as a brow brush too. Its a flat brush so you can get a nice thin line.

6. QVS Angled brush:
An oooold as brush, I think I got this when I was about 18, just like the brush previously, its great for putting colour along lower lash line. I use this to smoke out my eyeliner on the top lid too sometimes. Im currently on the hunt for a similar bush, but waaay smaller so I can use it for my brows.

Aaaand thats all. I have more brushes, but these are my favs, the ones I use all the time. Hopefully you've found this helpful, and you can always check back here after watching my youtube vids to check which brush I was using :)

Thanks guys
Riss xo

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Hey Babes,

So before I get into the juicy makeup talk, there's one thing that I have so tell you all - IT SNOWED AGAIN! You may not find this amazingly awesome, but by golly it is quite possibly the best thing since facebook. (Note: the last time it snowed *apart from the other month which was for about 2mins* was around 23 years ago...)

Anyways...on to a more appropriate topic: Makeup.
Today I went filming mad, and did 3 vids. A How to contour/highlight your face using a new technique which I found from GossMakeupartist (youtube him hes's AMAZING). Its nuts, crazy, weird....but it W O R K S! I also filmed a mini tutorial, and by mini I mean I couldnt be biffed talking in it, so I did a Get ready with em type vid, and called it a tutorial...haha. I just think Im a bit shit at doing tutorials, so yeah... It was inspired by this awesome picture I saw in a Farmers beauty catelogue once, like a million years ago, (and cannot find...I was meant to be putting a photo of it *here* but um...yes...) It reminds me of candyfloss...and easter...Im unsure why, but lets just roll with it, yes?
I also filmed a whats in my bag vid... was a bit long....and a bit weird. I feel like I say 'crap' and 'shit' alot in that vids. (apologies to parents and old people). I have uploaded the first two, and will prob upload the final one tomorrow, as it'll take a good hour to upload and well, Im prob off to bed shortly, like the nana I am.

Felt a bit weird not doing a bargins of the week video this week...but as stated in the last one, Im trying to be good and not buy as much, so therefore the vid would be booooring...and yeah. I didnt buy anything this week I dont think - so there ya go. I found where I want to spend new years, and it means I need to save up to be able to pay for it soon before it get snatched up by some other smart early worm. (...I still dont know if I will have time off work for this, but Im not NOT making plans just cos of that!) Its beautiful. Ill show you guys piccys in a few months when we have it if it happens :)

I think thats all for now chickies, Im off to tend to the fire, which has been ablaze since 10am this morning...its 24 degrees in my house..aaand about -2 outside. The party is most def in heeere.

Love ya!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Ice cream. Yum.

Hey Lovlies

You know what I enjoy? Ice cream. Alot more than I should in fact. My fav? - Neapolitan! And while I was at the supermarket the other day, trying to decide if I buy the tried and true, or a whole new one (I went with plain old vanilla in the end...a tad boring) I decided it'd be a spiffy idea if I used the colours from Neapolitan ice cream to create a makeup look!

Annnnd so I give you, my 'Get ready with me' vid - Was going to do a tutorial...but, well, I didn't.

Its taking forever to upload...But ill be sure to link it here tomorrow.

Mwa x

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Because having a Wah always make me feel better

Well Hello there my beautiful bloggers,

So Ive been a bit slack at this whole blog writing business, actually a bit slack at this whole makeup/youtube thing all together... **insert sad panda eyes here** and I know everyone always says this, but life has just been so freaking busy and I feel like I never have time to film/blog/do anything.
I have sundays and mondays off and Sundays is usually spent with a Boy in the morning and then I usually try to film Bargins of the Week Sunday avo and Monday is cleaning/doing everything else day.... I really wish people didnt have to work, id happily stay home filming! - But alas, I cant. And I never knew just how much time and hard work goes into doing tutorials - which is my other cringe moment- that they are just sooooo hard to film! Ive only uploaded like....two. winge winge winge, I know, but it really does take alot of prep work (Eg: If I want to do a crazy coloured eye tutorial I have to consider if I need to go out that day and if so then will I have time to take it all off and re-do my makeup) so yes...I realise that my MAKEUP channel doesnt have alot of MAKEUP involved... But bargins of the week are fun to film and Im always buying a crap load of makeup...soooo....yeah. Apologies!

Anyways, enough of that - Onto more exciting things. Tomorrow Im hoping to film a few things and over the span of next week, upload every few days. I bought ALOT this week so BOTW vid is gonna be good, though I am realising that the excitement of making the vid is making it so much easier for me to spend money....so Im considering doing BOTW every 2nd week from now on....maybe? What do you think? - Its freaking hard living alone and paying for all the normal grown up stuff all by yourself sooo the spending has got to stop!

Heres a sneak peak at my fav thing I got this week. Totally un-makeup-related....whoops.

Looking forward to hopefully getting more involved with this whole youtube thing - I mean I DID have a huge cry for years wanting to do it soooo bad. So Id better give a wriggle on!


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Getting there...

Hello my beautiful sugar puffs!

After a week without my laptop and a super hectic busy few days, I managed to get things back on track and filmed a few vids! Two were uploaded last night (a tutorial and the third bargins of the week vid) and one is neeearly finished uploading now... its a get ready with me one :)

I think Im starting to get alot better at the whole lighting thing, as well as being able to edit alot more effectively, so its a great feeling.

And my GOODNESS - each time I check my emails, I am floored by the amount of WONDERFUL comments and amount of people subscribing to me... it really means so so much and it makes me very happy. So far Ive only had positive comments, and people encouraging me, and I really hope that it continues!

I still really want to do some tag vids, and with tomorow off I think I might do one then.

Go check out the latest vids and let me know what you think!



Monday, 4 July 2011


So this weekend wasn't an overly productive one - with filming anyways. I had wanted to get a tutorial done as well as the usual bargins of the week video (which I dont think I mentioned on here before.... Im going to be doing bargins of the week ..uuh every week!) sooo I sat down to do a Neapolitain (spelling?) inspired eye look....except my camera wasnt charged and then by the time it was I couldnt get the angle right, the lighting was terrible and I sounded so BLAH... I filmed it, but it wasnt how I wanted it to be, so I think I'm going to just leave it for now and try to film again on my next day off. At the moment it's just an issue due to lighting, It gets dark around 4pm right now due to it being winter...so its impossible to film on any usual working days.

Hope you enjoy the bargins of the week vid anyhow, and hopefully I can put a smile on your dial with a makeup vid sometime the week.