Monday, 15 August 2011

My Fav Makeup Brushes

Hey Lovlies,

So I had a request to explain a bit about the makeup brushes I used in the Candyfloss tutorial that I recently posted...sooo I decided I'd do a most used makeup brushes blog post, so that ya'll will know which ones I'm using in future vids.

Before I get started, I'd just like to make note that decent brushes here in NZ are sooo damn expensive, and while I'd LOVE to own a whole set of MAC or Sigma brushes, I really just dont have the momey for these brushes that youll see below arent high end brushes, some are really old and look terrible, but they do the job, none of these shed hairs, and all of the achieve the looks I do daily for work and for my youtube vids.

Okay so first things first....Face Brushes:

Going from left to right...

1.  ELF's Powder Brush:
I use this for my liquid foundation everyday. Creates an awesome airbrushed look to your foundation. Cost me $10 from Bling. MUCH easier and better than a normal foundation brush/sponge etc and its a very dense brush.

2.Artiste Professional Foundation brush my Manicare:
This is your tradational foundation brush, but I use mine for contouring my nose, and cheekbones. I think I paid about $15 for it, at Farmers.

3. ELF's Complexion Brush:
another $10 brush from Bling, I use this for my bronzer. Its suuuuper soft and you can manipulate the bristles easily to create the shape you need (Eg I squish them to make a flat brush to contour cheekbones sometimes) This has not shed at all.

4. ELF's Stipple Brush:
I dont use this quite as often as the other face brushes, but it works great for blush or highlighting the cheekbones, down the nose etc. You can use this for foundation also, but I prefer not to.

5 & 6. Are brushes that I was given YEARS ago by my first Boyfriend's father. They are the No.7 Brand and I use these for blush. I like to have quite a bit of control with my blush, so I do prefer the smaller brush, which has lost alot of hair over the years and looks a bit yuckie...but it works and I love it.

***I also forgot to add my ELF Kabuki brush to this photo, but I use this EVERYDAY for my powder (to set my foundation) and I use it to blend everything together, like after I apply blush.***

Now onto eye brushes...

1. Revlon All Over Shadow Brush:
I use this to pack on shadow on my lid, under my brow, basically all over. its a bit fluffier than another brush that I used to use, which means you do get a little bit of fall out, but as long as your careful and you pat, rather than swipe, youll be sweet as! I got this at a makeup sae for $9 but theyre usually more expensive in retail stores.

2. Revlon Contour Shadow Brush
My fav eye brush - I use this to blend it all together. super soft, its more rounded, dome-like, than the prev brush and it just blends colours really well. Again this was $9

3 & 4 ELF's Professional Eye Crease Brush and ELF's Studio Contour Brush:
Both of these work the same way, the Studio brush is bigger than the Professional one, but both are used to work colour into the crease. quite dense brushes. The Professional one was $7 and the Studio brush was $10

5.Revlon Concealer Brush:
Yep, its a concealer brush....I dont use brushes for my concealer, but this brush works great at an under eye brush, to put colour along the lash line. At one point I was using this as a brow brush too. Its a flat brush so you can get a nice thin line.

6. QVS Angled brush:
An oooold as brush, I think I got this when I was about 18, just like the brush previously, its great for putting colour along lower lash line. I use this to smoke out my eyeliner on the top lid too sometimes. Im currently on the hunt for a similar bush, but waaay smaller so I can use it for my brows.

Aaaand thats all. I have more brushes, but these are my favs, the ones I use all the time. Hopefully you've found this helpful, and you can always check back here after watching my youtube vids to check which brush I was using :)

Thanks guys
Riss xo


  1. Hello! I'm a new follower and quite please to find a NZ beauty blogger! Yay!
    Also great post, brushes do cost a great deal here... Thinking of getting my hot little hands on that ELF flat top brush powder brush :)

    Donna xx

  2. hey i love your blog !! Just wanted to let you know im having a huge giveaway coming up soon, so head over to my blog and see how you can win !!

    S xx

  3. Great post! I love finding NZ beauty bloggers/gurus, I'm from NZ too :)