Sunday, 7 August 2011

Because having a Wah always make me feel better

Well Hello there my beautiful bloggers,

So Ive been a bit slack at this whole blog writing business, actually a bit slack at this whole makeup/youtube thing all together... **insert sad panda eyes here** and I know everyone always says this, but life has just been so freaking busy and I feel like I never have time to film/blog/do anything.
I have sundays and mondays off and Sundays is usually spent with a Boy in the morning and then I usually try to film Bargins of the Week Sunday avo and Monday is cleaning/doing everything else day.... I really wish people didnt have to work, id happily stay home filming! - But alas, I cant. And I never knew just how much time and hard work goes into doing tutorials - which is my other cringe moment- that they are just sooooo hard to film! Ive only uploaded like....two. winge winge winge, I know, but it really does take alot of prep work (Eg: If I want to do a crazy coloured eye tutorial I have to consider if I need to go out that day and if so then will I have time to take it all off and re-do my makeup) so yes...I realise that my MAKEUP channel doesnt have alot of MAKEUP involved... But bargins of the week are fun to film and Im always buying a crap load of makeup...soooo....yeah. Apologies!

Anyways, enough of that - Onto more exciting things. Tomorrow Im hoping to film a few things and over the span of next week, upload every few days. I bought ALOT this week so BOTW vid is gonna be good, though I am realising that the excitement of making the vid is making it so much easier for me to spend Im considering doing BOTW every 2nd week from now on....maybe? What do you think? - Its freaking hard living alone and paying for all the normal grown up stuff all by yourself sooo the spending has got to stop!

Heres a sneak peak at my fav thing I got this week. Totally un-makeup-related....whoops.

Looking forward to hopefully getting more involved with this whole youtube thing - I mean I DID have a huge cry for years wanting to do it soooo bad. So Id better give a wriggle on!


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  1. are they from kmart, i was thinking of getting some..