Sunday, 14 August 2011


Hey Babes,

So before I get into the juicy makeup talk, there's one thing that I have so tell you all - IT SNOWED AGAIN! You may not find this amazingly awesome, but by golly it is quite possibly the best thing since facebook. (Note: the last time it snowed *apart from the other month which was for about 2mins* was around 23 years ago...)

Anyways...on to a more appropriate topic: Makeup.
Today I went filming mad, and did 3 vids. A How to contour/highlight your face using a new technique which I found from GossMakeupartist (youtube him hes's AMAZING). Its nuts, crazy, weird....but it W O R K S! I also filmed a mini tutorial, and by mini I mean I couldnt be biffed talking in it, so I did a Get ready with em type vid, and called it a tutorial...haha. I just think Im a bit shit at doing tutorials, so yeah... It was inspired by this awesome picture I saw in a Farmers beauty catelogue once, like a million years ago, (and cannot find...I was meant to be putting a photo of it *here* but um...yes...) It reminds me of candyfloss...and easter...Im unsure why, but lets just roll with it, yes?
I also filmed a whats in my bag vid... was a bit long....and a bit weird. I feel like I say 'crap' and 'shit' alot in that vids. (apologies to parents and old people). I have uploaded the first two, and will prob upload the final one tomorrow, as it'll take a good hour to upload and well, Im prob off to bed shortly, like the nana I am.

Felt a bit weird not doing a bargins of the week video this week...but as stated in the last one, Im trying to be good and not buy as much, so therefore the vid would be booooring...and yeah. I didnt buy anything this week I dont think - so there ya go. I found where I want to spend new years, and it means I need to save up to be able to pay for it soon before it get snatched up by some other smart early worm. (...I still dont know if I will have time off work for this, but Im not NOT making plans just cos of that!) Its beautiful. Ill show you guys piccys in a few months when we have it if it happens :)

I think thats all for now chickies, Im off to tend to the fire, which has been ablaze since 10am this morning...its 24 degrees in my house..aaand about -2 outside. The party is most def in heeere.

Love ya!

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