Tuesday, 23 August 2011

So confused....

Hey Lovlies,

So theres been a few vids up on my youtube account lately...and I totally forgot to blog about them haha - oopsies.

Being 11.30pm I won't be doing that right now... you'll just have to go check my channel and catch up on all the awesomeness that is my vids (hahahah....aaaahhahaha....). I am only here to have a big old rant about this whole blogging thing.

I like it, could do it more, prob should....but it IRRITATES the crap outta me that I cant comment on anything. It just WONT let me. Keeps telling me I dont have access to that page (when I hit submit) and wants to to sign out and sign in again but IT DOESNT WORK.
Does anyone else have this issue?? Does anyone know what I can do to make it work? Id love to interact more, and follow more blogs...but Im just so upset at this commenting business that I just dont.

Anyways, that was all.... oh and Im also thinking about doing a vlog channel... I think I love makeup...but I love just rambling even more. so I can have both :) I also found the coolest thing ever - "Wreck this journal" and "this is not a book"....which Id love to buy and do and document on youtube... we shall see....

Tired.cant type.
Im out.


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